Monday, July 2, 2012

Framed Wallpaper as Inexpensive Wall Art

Wallpaper is still going strong in it's comeback. Here's an easy DIY project that anyone can do to give your room a punch of pattern. Stores and online sources often offer samples or remnants for very inexpensive or even free!

I recently framed some beautiful wallpaper prints and added them to a bathroom. It was such a fun and easy project and I love the results! I started by tracing a light line around the mat onto the wallpaper so the pattern was where I wanted it to be in the frame and then cut the paper down.
Layout your frames first so you can preview how they will look on your wall. Then, clean the cute little finger prints off your frames from your nine month old "helpers". *You may or may not need to complete that last step :)
My husband isn't sure about the print with the "fly". I told him it was a bee but he didn't go with it. I love a little whimsy in a room and for now the little fly on the wall is here to stay :)
Ta-dah! Your own alternative to hanging fine art!
Here are some more ideas using framed wallpaper as art. If you are afraid of the commitment of wallpaper as a full scale application on your wall, consider framing panels of wallpaper. What a beautiful piece of art it is here as art behind the night stands.
I'm dying over this vintage Schumacher framed wallpaper in this bedroom. Absolutely gorgeous!
More beautiful Schumacher prints that are strong enough to stand as art in a dining room.
For a playful use of wallpaper, try adding it over mats of a framed collection. It really helps bring all the pieces together, don't you think?
Gold and brass has been making a huge comeback in design. I love the use of all various widths and styles of gold frames and the use of wallpaper here.

Have a great Monday!

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