Friday, January 30, 2015

Toddler Cupids Arrow Valentine Party

It was so much fun crafting and styling this Cupids Arrow Valentine party for my twins!
Images are from the talented Marissa Vargason Photography. She is so incredible to work with!

My Valentine tree was very simple and inexpensive to make, but made a big statement in my decor! I found some branches that someone had trimmed off a tree, spray painted them white and placed in a cute vase. I then created little ornaments by painting wooden hearts, and adding colored crafting wire to create a hook and string on a few beads. I stuck some decorative feathers in a few for a more whimsical touch. The LOVE sign was made by wrapping unfinished letters from a craft store in yarn. I created a little sign to attach the letters to from cedar from the hard ware store and applied a white wash look by using watered down white paint. 

Love Struck Banner I created for you as to download and print!

Adorable mini sized cupcakes from Mini's Cupcakes were dressed up by dropping them in cupcake wrappers from Orson GyGi. I love how simple and inexpensive the toppers were. They were made by simply cutting tissue paper in feather like shape, gluing bottom to baking sticks, and then making small cuts to resemble a feather.

The recipe for this simple and delicious Cupids Strawberry Fluff can be found here. I also created these fun coordinating Cupid and geometric heart printables for you to print, punch out, and tape to baking stick or straw!

Individual mail boxes from Target Dollar Spot were filled with "Cupids Crunch", which is the easiest treat ever! Simply pop some corn, drizzle with pink chocolate candy melts, and add your favorite valentine candy (we used conversation hearts and sprinkles). 

Cute paper straws are such a fun touch to any party. These fun birch straws were found at Michaels. I dressed up the milk bottles with a gold doily wrapped in yarn.

For the tablescape, I layered birch and flowers in assorted vessels down the center. Each place setting included a felt heart charger and conversation heart plates.

Each chair was accompanied with personalized Quivers which made for very cute Valentine and arrow holders! The kids LOVED the personalized detail. 

Check out my tutorial to make your own Valentine holder quiver!

For my arrow decor, I used plain dowels found at any craft store. I taped them off and painted them in coordinating colors, and also added washi tape. I then hot glued the feathers to one end and tied them off with some twine or yarn. On the other end, I glued two paper hearts and then added a little more decorative detail by wrapping in yarn. So fun and inexpensive to make!

Arrows were suspended from the ceiling with fishing line as if Cupid had been here.

For me, the party starts at the front door! An ice breaker or fun activity is the perfect way to jump start the party and make your guests feel welcome and excited for the party. As guests arrived, they took some fun and silly pictures in the photobooth. Just a simple background, fabric banner, and little props from the craft store and Target dollar spot.

Stations work really well, especially in kid parties! We split the kiddos off into a few groups and did games and crafts. A few simple and fun games were heart ski ball (with heart shaped bean bags)...

And "Cupids Arrow"! All you need for this one is a target (I cut a heart from poster board and hung), straws, and q-tips! Simply place the q-tip inside the straw and aim/shoot through the target.

A craft station was set up that included assorted cards, foam stickers, doilies, stamps, etc. The kids loved being creative and creating take home cards for their parents or special Valentines. They also decorated their arrows by adding feathers, twine, and attaching two foam heart stickers to the "tip" of the arrow.

I also created these free and darling arrow and heart Valentines for you to print and add pencils or glow sticks.

(These last two images of the Valentine holder quivers I just snapped on my phone)

The party guests were so excited to wear them home!

Tune in to Studio5 KSL at 1 January 30th if you are local to Utah to view our Valentine segment!

Cupids Strawberry Fluff Layered Dessert Recipe

A party trick I love is taking simple recipes and serving them in fancy ways. This recipe is so simple, yet so yummy! It is sure to be a hit at any gathering.

24 Large graham crackers
2 T Sugar
1 ½ cubes melted butter
2 packages Strawberry Danish dessert
2 8 oz packages cream cheese (softened)
2 c. pd sugar
16-24 oz. cool whip (to taste)
Red food coloring

24 large graham crackers (crushed) *If you want to involve kids, my 3 year old twins love to beat the crackers while in a Ziploc bag with the back of a spoon!
2 T sugar
1 ½ cubes melted butter
Make crust and press in bottom of 11x16 glass pan or if you are using individual goblets or cups like I did here, then press into desired containers.

Cook in large saucepan:
2 packages Strawberry Danish dessert
3 ½ c cold water
Bring to a boil and boil 1 minute until thickened. (stirring constantly)
Pour over crust

2 8 oz packages cream cheese (softened)
2 c. pd sugar
Add: 16-24 oz. cool whip (to taste)
Red food coloring

Beat until smooth and pour over Danish dessert. (I just piped this layer on by spooning into a ziplock bag and then snipping the end)
Refrigerate for at least 3 hours before serving.
Be sure to check out other details from my Cupid's Arrow Valentine Party as well as free printable downloads for these darling treat toppers and more!

DIY Arrow Quiver Valentine Holder

These quiver Valentine holders are a breeze to make and so much fun for kids!

You will need a large (42 oz) oatmeal canister, fabric, ribbon or trim to complete this project. See below for simplified, non-sew versions!
Cut main fabric to 16.5" x 7"
Cut accent/border fabric to 16.5" x 4"
*optional: embroider name on border fabric, paint and stencil, or personalize with chipboard at end

Sew right sides together, making sure name will be the right side up when flipped up.
Iron your seem and fabric so it lays flat.

Cut ribbon to desired length for quiver strap so it will fit over shoulder and neck like a hand bag. I did mine at 30" for toddlers. Pin to one end of fabric as shown.

Fold fabric over so the ends align and sew to make a tube, being careful to not sew anything other than ends of ribbon. 

Turn right side out. You are ready to slide the tube you sewed over your oatmeal canister!
Decorate with ric-rac or ribbon as desired!

Wear, use as a fun Valentine holder!

The kids LOVED their personalized quivers to hold their arrows they decorated as well as Valentines!

Simplified versions: (for non sewers and kids)
-Use wrapping paper!
Let kids get creative and paint, glue paper, use stickers, ribbons to decorate and personalize their own.
You can make 2 out of one fat quarter if you aren't sewing. Just glue fabric to container, and use ribbon to cover the edge.

Be sure to check out our Qupids Arrow Valentine party to see more of how we used our quivers!

Cupids Arrow Free Valentine Party Printables

Love Struck Banner
Simply print (this was printed at a bit smaller scale to fit the width of my treat table at 75%), cut out, and attach to banner. This step can be done by pinning to jute or ribbon like I did here to my arrow yarn garland, or punching holes on the top at each side and then threading through desired ribbon or cording.

Geometric Hearts and Cupid treat topper printables
Cut or punch out using a 2" circle punch, tape or glue back to bakers stick or paper straws cut down to size and place in dessert!

It's kind of fun getting unique items to break up all the treats that are given at Valentines. Teachers and parents appreciate it too! I created for you these Glow stick arrows and Pencil through the heart Arrow Valentine Free Printables to simplify putting together cute Valentines!

Print, cut out, and using a craft knife or sharp knife, cut slits on each end of arrow and heart so glow sticks or pencils can be placed in. I found my glow sticks bracelets at Dollar Tree in packs of 5-8 and the pencils and pencil as well as pencil topper stamps in packs at Target Dollar Spot.

Glow Stick Valentine Printable

Valentine, you've got the "write" stuff

Pencil Valentine Printable
To add names, you can insert the file into Microsoft Word, create a text box and write name of person handing out Valentines or have them sign their name with a marker.