Friday, January 30, 2015

DIY Arrow Quiver Valentine Holder

These quiver Valentine holders are a breeze to make and so much fun for kids!

You will need a large (42 oz) oatmeal canister, fabric, ribbon or trim to complete this project. See below for simplified, non-sew versions!
Cut main fabric to 16.5" x 7"
Cut accent/border fabric to 16.5" x 4"
*optional: embroider name on border fabric, paint and stencil, or personalize with chipboard at end

Sew right sides together, making sure name will be the right side up when flipped up.
Iron your seem and fabric so it lays flat.

Cut ribbon to desired length for quiver strap so it will fit over shoulder and neck like a hand bag. I did mine at 30" for toddlers. Pin to one end of fabric as shown.

Fold fabric over so the ends align and sew to make a tube, being careful to not sew anything other than ends of ribbon. 

Turn right side out. You are ready to slide the tube you sewed over your oatmeal canister!
Decorate with ric-rac or ribbon as desired!

Wear, use as a fun Valentine holder!

The kids LOVED their personalized quivers to hold their arrows they decorated as well as Valentines!

Simplified versions: (for non sewers and kids)
-Use wrapping paper!
Let kids get creative and paint, glue paper, use stickers, ribbons to decorate and personalize their own.
You can make 2 out of one fat quarter if you aren't sewing. Just glue fabric to container, and use ribbon to cover the edge.

Be sure to check out our Qupids Arrow Valentine party to see more of how we used our quivers!

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