Friday, January 30, 2015

Twins Art Party

Since the twins are very into painting and creating things, I thought it was fitting to throw them an "Art Party"!
Here is the invitation I designed
Party set up

I dip-dyed these little toddler aprons in fun bright colors for the kids to paint in.
Each guest was given a canvas with their initial cut from vinyl centered. They were able to paint them and then when they dried, removed to reveal a white initial on the center!

For the family party, the kids enjoyed painting and decorating their own bird houses.

I dipped donut holes in coordinating melted chocolate to create "paint blobs". Candy kabobs are very simple to make, just use skewers and poke through favorite soft and gummy candy.

I dipped rice krispy treats in coordinating chocolate melts and stuck in stamped Popsicle sticks to create edible "paint brushes"

For the friend party, our "food for starving artists" were: Un-Crustable pb&j sandwiches packaged in paper sacks and washi tape, fruit cups with mini marshmallows, veggie straws, and Sunny D dressed up with candy wrappers. 

You can NEVER go wrong with donuts on a string for kids.

We served pulled pork sliders with assorted bbq sauces, veggie cups with ranch and salads for dinner.

The party was a hit with these two! Happy 3rd Birthday Adrie and Bryson!

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