Thursday, January 29, 2015

Twins "Two Little Monkeys" Birthday Party

Since our two year old twins are always full of mischief, it seemed fitting that we throw them a "Two" Little Monkeys party for their 2nd birthday!

For the decor, I stuck with primarily yellow and red, while incorporating touches of bright colors to tie in the fun sock monkeys used as decor. Simple burlap bunting was hung from trees in a park, along with inexpensive lanterns found at a party store. For the centerpieces, I did a simple floral arrangement which also included some white spray painted branches to create a modern "tree" for the sock monkeys to swing in.

Sweets table

"Hummus shooters" are a simple appetizer that look a little dressed up in these individual glasses. Simply add your favorite hummus, and serve with assorted veggies and pretzel rods.

Simple cupcakes made from a mix are dressed up in cute wrappers and topped with gumballs in coordinating pops of color. Macarons made by Seine Macarons in fun bright colors were also a popular hit with the guests.  

Freshly popped popcorn was also placed in individual paper sacks along side assorted candies.

Water for thirsty monkeys

Favor boxes for littles to take home included assorted candies, along with a sock money that doubled as decor! They were stuffed in simple takout boxes with some shredded crinkle paper and wrapped with labels that said "thanks for swinging by" and "thanks for Hanging with us"

The party was a hit with the our little monkeys!

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