Thursday, September 9, 2010

Home Staging

Studies show that a buyer makes a decision on whether or not they are interested in the house in the first 30 seconds.
It doesn't take much to transform a once boring and sterile space to a model home look that says it's move in ready.  Keep paint and furnishings neutral and bring out a pop of color in accessories like artwork and pillows to add interest.
Tip: If you have a large space, try creating a more intimate arrangement with the furniture like we did here. It doesn't always have to be hugging the walls. Need an inexpensive way to hide unsightly window wells? Try sheers; they allow for light to come in the basement and conceal the eyesores.  A sage green like we used here is neutral and appeals to most people, but also adds some color.
Just because you are trying to sell your home doesn't mean it has to be completely sterile. With a minimal budget, a fresh coat of paint,and a little artwork/accessories can go a long way.

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Happy Staging!

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