Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trimming the Tree

I love this time of year.  I especially love the decorating and trimming the tree part.  Helping people shop and decorate is something I love, so contact me to set up an appointment.  Or, if you are wanting to tackle the tree on your own, I have put together a brief tutorial and some tips from my tree if you are needing help or wanting to add a little pizazz to your yours.  Enjoy!
1) Have a plan
The process of picking a theme or deciding on a new tree can be overwhelming. So many options! If I had any advice on where to start, it would be to find an ornament or two that you absolutely love and can’t do without. For me, it was the printed black and white ball ornaments. I began with them, and designed my tree around them, incorporating a custom damask garland and complimentary ornaments in various shapes and sizes.

2) Ribbon/Garland
Once you have all your supplies and are ready to trim your tree, start here. I love to incorporate various widths, textures and colors as shown in this tree. Notice the silver mesh ribbon, skinny lime glitter ribbon, and the damask garland. How to Tip: For the damask print garland, simply cut the fabric in long 8” widths, then sew right sides together and then turn right side out to create a “tube” for the tree garland. Bunch up the ribbons and garlands and tuck them in and out of your tree, cascading down.

3) Eye candy ornaments
Keep in mind that sometimes more is more when it comes to ornaments on your tree. Especially when you are going for that “wow factor”. Trust me, you will always need more ornaments than you think, so if you are debating on getting those few extra boxes… don’t worry! For a fun and modern twist, try pairing non-traditional colors together like I did here with black, white, silver, and green. Who says you can’t put black on a Christmas tree?! Use various types of ornaments to add extra appeal to your tree; glossy, matte, glitter, disk, icicle, crystal… I love the look of clear glass and how the light reflects off the ornaments. Do each type of ornament at the same time so they are evenly spaced on your tree, beginning with your “show stopper” ornaments.
4) Element of surprise
Think outside the box. Instead of using a traditional star, try using some eye catching garland sprigs like those in this tree. Or consider using items that aren’t actually sold as ornaments and wire them to your tree for that unique look.
Whatever your style, have a plan, and have fun! Happy decorating.
Kimberly Francom
Designs by KF

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